Past Due

Some recognition of an old graphic based project:


BOFFO//Michael Bastian

Here are some images from our recent entry for a temporary retail space for Menswear Designer Michael Bastian. The inspiration was largely drawn from the character of american vernacular farm structures. Our entry was not selected but you can see the winning entry Here.

Check out the project page at: http://rodriguezstudio.com/


This is a study model of a barn demonstrating how light filters through gaps between boards. See more about this project Here.


This lighting plan shows how the color temperature of the light leaking through the cracks elicits a feeling of sunset and changes into morning light as you travel through the space.


The whole collection was to be housed in two side by side shipping containers. 


Rendering of a typical wall assembly using reclaimed lumber, milled gusset plates and reflective gold + bronze coating.


Mock up of materials for wall assembly. 

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